The Canadian Global Campaign for Education is a coalition of civil society organizations (CSOs) working to enhance Canada’s contribution to meeting the Education for All goals. 

UNESCO releases new data on out-of-school children

UNESCO has released new data which reveals 61 million children around the world are still not able to realize their right to education. Even more distressing, progress in enrollment has been stagnating and is not keeping pace with population growth.

Get the facts from UNESCO's great info graphics, or explore the issues more in depth with the UNESCO eAtlas of Out-of-school children.



Rights from the Start!

The Global Campaign for Education has wrapped-up another successful Education for All Global Action Week, with activities around the world. The 2012 campaign focussed on the 1st - and arguably the most neglected - EFA goal, early childhood care and education.

To mark the importance of this goal, GCE has released a new video and report on the necessity of ECE. The report notes:

There are 1 billion children aged under eight years old in the world, more than 10% of the world’s population. The neglect of these children’s rights – and the consequent impact on their other rights, their opportunities and their societies – is too devastating to continue.

Download the GCE Report on Rights from the Start.

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